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What We Offer


The world’s best investors can’t be located with a simple Google search and often aren’t looking to raise additional capital.  We have dedicated a career to building a proprietary network of outstanding investors and investment opportunities around the globe which greatly enhances our ability to successfully navigate the fund investment world.


Our sole focus is to improve our partners' investment results.  Though we offer no performance guarantees, Conover clients/partners greatly expand their resources dedicated to investment sourcing, networking, and traveling.


Our founder has practiced the endowment model of investing for over a decade, a time which included the Global Financial Crisis where important risk management lessons were learned firsthand.  In the time since the Crisis, we have also seen how different reactions to the crisis also created significant challenges for investors.  Our partners can draw upon our experience and learn from the mistakes and success of others.

Prospective partners please inquire here
Professional references available upon request.
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